My Nude Year: Day 160 of 365

Tonight I had one of my two monthly meetings with the Houston Photographic Society. A very small group was in attendance due to the subject being how to prepare for a portfolio review. Most of the members have been with the group for a long time and already know the procedures required to get ready. I personally have never had a portfolio review and am very nervous about getting everything ready in time. The review is not until mid October but really that will be here before you know it.

The biggest worry I had going into tonight was developing an artist statement. The gentleman that was leading the lecture gave me a piece of advice that was invaluable and made everything perfectly clear to me. He told all of us to think about the question or questions we wanted the reviewer to answer regarding our work. As soon as he said this I knew exactly what I want to ask the reviewer as well as my theme for the photos I submit. Shannon and I will incorporate the photos I will be using into this project. It will be a subset in this large body of work we are completing. Over the net few weeks I will be writing up my artist statement as well as my bio and begin developing the individual photos I want to present. I am very excited at the thought of having several professionals in the field review my work and give me feedback.

It will be a busy few weeks ahead but we will make it in stride,

JW Purdy