My Nude Year: Day 128 of 365

We had an adventure of sorts tonight, not in the sense that we went to some new exotic location but something far more risky. We went to storage to shoot on a two wheeled cart I had seen and thought would make for a good prop. In looking around found we were not alone. At the far end of the row we saw a couple of trucks with several young men unloading items into a unit. I was dismayed but with Shannon’s encouragement that we could get it done we started to set up. I parked the car and took the cart from its location and moved it to the row we decided to work on. Shannon climbed up onto it and tested a few poses. I framed the image and took a test shot to make sure my settings were right. After we were ready I peeked around the corner of the building to make sure of the location of our guests. They were all still hard at work and so I gave Shannon the signal to take her dress off and framed the shot as I walked toward her. I pushed the shutter and captured the photo. I gave her another sign and she put her dress back on. As we were leaving the people at the unit finally noticed we had been there and drove over to see what we were doing but we had already enter the car and were on the way home. Due to the location of the people unloading I had to move the cart from where it had been. As a result of the move the pose was not really what I had set out to get. Shannon and I will have to go back at another time and explore the pose I wanted but was not able to capture.