My Nude Year: Day 127 of 365

Tonight I was shooting with my Canon nifty fifty. The Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 lens is a remarkable little tool every Canon shooter should considered putting in their bag. This little plastic lens is one of the most affordable on the market and really does a wonderful job. It has an extremely shallow depth of field which means it gives you the option of blurring the background or foreground of your image easily. I had originally wanted to shoot a bodyscape of Shannon’s breasts however after taking a few images and not really getting what I wanted I told Shannon to take a break. As she did she hit this pose and I told her not to move. I framed up the image and pushed the shutter. I think the results are fantastic! Some times it just happens that way. As a matter of fact never take your eye off of your model because many times you can find photos in just subtle movements you hadn’t thought of. I love staked lines and geometric shapes found in photos like the one we completed tonight. They give the eye so much to explore. Take a minute of two and find all of the implied triangles in this photo. I have said it before but really to me its like where is Waldo for adults.

Happy hunting,

JW Purdy