My Nude Year: Day 125 of 365

Tonight I wanted to concentrate on line and shadow. I was looking around in one of my set up bags yesterday for the umbrella to use for the pinup shoot. While looking I found a very nice parabolic umbrella I had forgotten about. Being that I forgot about this wonderful light modifier for the last few years I wanted to experiment with it. Shannon and I set up in a very strong angular pose. I placed the parabolic about three feet away from her and directed it to her side. I was curious how it would affect the shadow she would be casting on the wall. We have worked with both hard as well as very soft defused lighting to create shadows in this series. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this umbrella created a shadow with a hard core and yet soft edges. It made for a beautiful wrapping light on Shannon’s figure and a very nice shadow on the wall behind her. I will be sending out my monthly wrap-up newsletter within the next few days so please sign up to receive it by going here


JW Purdy