My Nude Year: Day 123 of 365

Tonight marks the end of Shannon’s tour of duty. For nearly the entire week she selected the pose as well as the light set ups. Her first pose did not go so well this evening so I helped her out with a quick idea but she made it all hers. After we completed the shoot I asked her how the week had gone in her mind. She stated it had been fun but challenging. I then asked what the most difficult aspect of the week was and she told me the hardest part was trying to convey what she was thinking. She would tell me the idea and we would shoot but not capture exactly what she wanted. This is music to my ears. I have wanted to get her to pick up a camera on her own for some time now. I think she would be a great photographer and she naturally makes everyone feel relaxed and comfortable in just a few minutes after having met her. I have several potential clients that I can’t confirm due to their desire to work only with a female photographer. If I could get Shannon to start shooting it would open my business up to a lot more clientele.  Maybe with some more time I can get her to give it a shot.

For tonight’s photo Shannon simply pulled the front of her dress up to expose herself as she looked at the camera. This felt to intimidating so I asked her to look down as if she was trying to see herself and it made for a much more appealing composition. To me the photo has a very Marilyn feel to it. I added a color treatment to the image in post to give it a 70’s feel. I know the 70’s were after Marilyn’s time but I didn’t want to take away the pop of the red dress by going to black and white.

Tomorrow I’m back behind the wheel and hope to keep you interested.

Until then,

JW Purdy