My Nude Year: Day 151 of 365

Today after I got home from work Shannon and I set out to shoot at a location we found yesterday on our travels. A nearby developer is building the retaining ponds for a new neighborhood that will be going in this summer. We thought it would be fun and interesting to shoot around the ponds before the new homes start going in. I did not realize how large the ponds where and the image I had envisioned was impossible to capture. I had wanted Shannon standing on the edge of the pond while from a distance I shot her and the body of water filling the frame. Once we got out and started to explore it was apparent that the site was too large to get a shot of the full scene without Shannon being a mere spec in the final image. I still felt we could get an interesting photo from the new location and Shannon ventured down to the bank of the water. We had taken a see-thru piece of fabric and as she unfurled it I pushed the shutter. This was going to be behind the scenes type photo, I thought, however it looks like she is casting a net for fishing and ended up being our favorite of the day. We already have a concept for tomorrow picked out and will see you all then.

Have a great day,

JW Purdy