My Nude Year: Day 150 of 365

Today Shannon and I had a chance to get out and shoot our last box idea. This was the photo I had envisioned when I brought the box home in the first place. Shannon in her playfulness turned it into a small series that was very fun and creative. We started out with the side of the box in tow looking for a place to shoot. We left the house and headed south into the farmlands that surround our home. We found an area we really liked and tried to shoot several times but every time Shannon jumped into action a car would start approaching. I guess the area we were in is busier on the weekend than we thought. After the sixth or so interruption we decided to find a new location.

We started out south bound again and within three or four miles found a promising spot. We had only one car pass by and were able to capture the scene. Having few interruptions we took the opportunity to shoot around a little. We were able to capture several great images to include in our May set at the end of the month. Expect to see the set up in our shop the first few days of June. We had a wonderful and relaxing weekend.

While we were out scouting we passed by many of the swollen rivers in our area. Both Shannon and I ask that you pray for the people that have lost so much here in south Texas. The river near us is not supposed to crest until tomorrow and is estimated to be higher than it has been since 1994. We are very thankful to be living in an area that is away from the river and on relatively high ground.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy