My Nude Year: Day 122 of 365

Shannon was back to the drawing board again this evening. She wanted to capture a very candid shot when we first started talking about tonight’s photo. After a few test shots on the love seat we paid a visit to my office to check the results. Neither one of us was satisfied with what I had captured. Rather than trying to push an idea that didn’t seem to have much potential we moved onto a very organic pose she wanted to try. She has told me about shooting a photo on our coat rack while being in a tight ball for the pose. I looked at the pose and found an angle I liked. I was able to bring the frame up just slightly and get one of her breasts in the reflection from the mirror. I will see if she wants to give it another try tomorrow before I start planning our shooting again. It has been a long week for her and if she doesn’t want the responsibility I completely understand and will take over.

See you tomorrow,

JW Purdy