My Nude Year: Day 148 of 365

Tonight Shannon and I wanted to work on some more abstraction techniques. I learned a new idea this week for creating an abstract photo that is a little more risky than normal. In this technique you remove the lens from the front of the camera and just hand hold it a few inches away from the opening while you push the shutter. You really have to be careful when attempting this so that you don’t damage the mirror inside the camera by accidentally getting it too close and making contact with the fast moving mirror.

I set up our lighting using two simple lights. I pointed a background light at the wall behind Shannon with a 30-degree gird and a purple gel attached. I then put our key light to Shannon’s left side and positioned it so it would fire most of the light just in front of her eliminating most of the shadow on the wall behind. The key light was a very hard light and I didn’t use any diffusion.

In the end we decided not to go with the photos taken when the lens was off the camera, they just didn’t look alike much. The effect I was hoping for would have given us a soft photo with a slight tilt-lens feel. Once I put the lens back on the camera I focused behind Shannon and took a photo. This gave the photo a very soft feel but you are still able to tell what is in the photo, that being Shannon’s figure. The purple gave the photo a peaceful tone and I really like the natural gradient cast on the wall.