My Nude Year: Day 147 of 365

Shannon and I were trying a new idea tonight but regrettably it failed. We grabbed her waterproof camera I bought her for our anniversary earlier this month and went to the tub. After filling the tub we started to work. I pushed the shutter release a few times but Shannon is just too tall for the cramped space of our garden tub. We went to my office to formulate a new concept but I was drawing a blank. It was getting late and so Shannon suggested we shoot a bodyscape with a kids necklace I found at work today.

For tonight’s image I had Shannon lie on the floor of my office and place the key light high above her focused on her chest. I used a lose grid to keep the light from spilling on the scene and set up in a low position on the floor beside her. I framed the photo so you could make out her breasts and mouth and pushed the shutter release. The image was nearly perfect in camera. I changed my framing a couple to times just for good measure and tucked her into bed. The image we captured was compositionally sound but still could have been cropped a little differently. I wished I had left a little more negative space at the top of the image which I feel would have made it stronger.