My Nude Year: Day 146 of 365

Today we were allowed a little time to dry out here in the south Republic. We really needed it being that we received 10.35 inches of rain in six hours last night. The Houston area got hammered but luckily Shannon was able to make it to work without a problem. I arrived at work to find the place flooded. I snapped a few photos and sent them to Shannon and she was amazed. I think we received more rain in six hours than my parents get all year, crazy. All this to say last night’s photo of Shannon through a wet plate of glass was indeed appropriate.

For tonight’s photo I wanted to use a different method for making an abstraction. I placed a clear plastic bag over the lens of my camera and crinkled it in different directions to create veering results. I used the set of Rosco gels again but the results were mixed. In the end I preferred this photo due to the low contrast created on one side of the lens. It almost makes the photo feel as if it were shot with a Holga camera, which is a cheap plastic camera featuring many manufacture defects. These subtle and sometimes not so subtle defects can make a verity of effects on a print.  Every Holga is different and almost as unique as a persons fingerprint.

Entered into my first print competition this evening with the Houston Photographic Society, which I joined last month. It was really great and the judge gave me some really good feedback on my images. I will be discussing it in detail on, “The Art of Nude” blog.

JW Purdy