My Nude Year: Day 145 of 365

If you don’t watch the news or much television you may be unaware that Texas is currently underwater. Someone posted an image relating it to Texas (Past) and it was a desert without any water in sight and the next was of Texas (Present) which was a scene from the movie Waterworld. Really it is beginning to feel that way. Most of the nearby rivers are at or above flood levels. We are expecting rain everyday this week so it won’t be long before we receive news of property lose. Hopefully once the week is over we will get into a dryer pattern and the jet stream will recede further north as is typical. I’m not sure the jet stream is the primary reason for our current weather pattern but it just makes logical sense. I guess maybe I should at least watch the news once a week or so.

In keeping with our current environment and mood I chose to shoot Shannon from behind a piece of wet glass tonight. You might relate this photo to something like abstract expressionism, however I would just say it is something one might see while walking down the street one day. Lets say your wife is in a hurry rushing to get ready for something or another and with a flash of lightening suddenly stops her in mid stride causing her to look out a rain coved window. At this exact moment your neighbor trying to capture a lightening bolt on film snaps the shutter and captures a different form of lightening. One with a softer glow and a human form. You might say it is white lightening. Just a thought that runs through ones mind on a strange day.

Sorry no outside photo and it has been canceled until better weather prevails,

JW Purdy