My Nude Year: Day 144 of 365

Okay, really you will rarely hear this from me, but the rain needs to slow down a little. I normally don’t look a gift horse in the mouth but it’s getting out of control here in the south Republic. The mosquitoes down around my house are getting to be the size of humming birds. The whole place smells of mold due to the nearly daily rain. I have just over an acre to mow at work and have not been able to get to it in a couple of weeks. Soon we will look like we are hay farmers if I don’t get a chance to cut the grass.

For tonight’s photo I wanted to utilize my pack of Rosco gels. I don’t play with them very often and so it is fun to see what results we can get by mixing different poses, props and gels. We decided to go with a really edgy feeling photo and therefore used a deep blue gel on the key light. This made the bright white rope around Shannon’s head appear to glow with stark contrast. The background was allowed to stay very dark adding to the almost sinister emotion of this photo. I really like the way the blue makes Shannon’s freckles and moles stand out against her creamy skin.

Tomorrow we will try to get outside for the last image with our box from work.

Wish us luck,

JW Purdy