My Nude Year: Day 143 of 365

Today Shannon and I visited a nearby farmer’s field. Once we found the bridge leading to the field we turned off and stopped to survey the area for unexpected surprises. It has been raining down here like I haven’t seen in the last decade or so. Needless to say the dirt road had been turned into soft mud. Shannon was driving and we would have to go over a really large puddle of water and mud to get to our desired shooting location. I told her before we started to drive not to stop the car for any reason. As she started out I told her to go easy due to the slippery environment which caused her to instantly apply a little break. We sank us deep in the mud. We both laughed and I got out to see how bad it really was. In looking at the car I knew we were not going to get it out alone. Shannon called my boss who was just up the road and he, along with a neighbor, came to the rescue. It was a fun time my only wish was that we had been further off of the main road so I could have captured the image I envisioned.

Maybe out and about again tomorrow,

JW Purdy