My Nude Year: Day 142 of 365

Tonight Shannon and I were playing with reflections again. Our dinning table provided the surface for reflection. I wanted to create a high contrast photo yet keep the feeling of the image soft. The key light for this shot was placed to the camera right with a large softbox so the light would wrap around Shannon’s curves. The red in Shannon’s makeup as well as the red of her nails inspired me to grab a small sprig of flowers I bought her for our anniversary. These three red tones gives you a feeling are harmony in the composition and really draws your eye into the frame. The implied triangle created by Shannon’s shoulder is broken up by the full round curves of her breasts. I was able to capture one more strong photo from tonight’s shoot in which Shannon was bisected by the table however it was not nearly as strong as this one. I will be including in the May set at the end of month.

I hope you all have a very safe and happy holiday weekend. Don’t forget to honor and say a pray for all those we have lost in battle to keep our freedoms. God bless Texas, the USA and our brave soldiers both here and beyond in glory.