My Nude Year: Day 140 of 365

Tonight we shoot the second to the last of the box photos. The second word on the box was Need. I wanted to shoot a much darker and ominous photo for this word. I set our key light high above Shannon pointed down on a very steep angle. Initially Shannon had her body as well as her feet in the box but the statement the photo made seemed to miss the mark. I asked her to put her feet and legs out of the box and my vision was realized. I framed the photo off the horizon line by twisting the camera slightly counter clockwise. Due to the contrast, grain, the word Need and the off set angle the image is very edgy feeling. For our final box idea we will need to be outside on a public road. Luck would have it that we have a long weekend ahead of us to explore the area looking for the perfect spot to shoot.

Wish us luck,

JW Purdy