My Nude Year: Day 139 of 365

Tonight I wanted to try out something a little more experimental. I wanted to try my hand at creating a compelling double exposure of Shannon. I set up our key light with a very loose grid on the left side of the camera. I set my camera to leave the shutter open for as long as I held the button down which is called bulb setting. I asked Shannon to look at the key light and then I opened the shutter. Once the shutter was open I fired the flash while keeping the camera lens open. I then asked her to move her face slightly to the opposite side of the light source and I fired the flash again with a little less power. This created a nice double exposure without burning the highlights too badly. I think we have reached the point in which I would really like to start experimenting with different concepts. I would really like to start shooting paper negatives and just need to get some new developing chemicals. I used up all of my chemicals and have not ordered a new batch yet. If I remember correctly I have a few rolls of 120 film in the freezer to develop. It has been so long I don’t even remember what is on them. We will revisit the box idea most likely tomorrow.

Until then,

JW Purdy