My Nude Year: Day 138 of 365

Back in the box tonight. Shannon and I revisited our miniseries within the project tonight of shooting with a box I picked up at work the other day. If you remember Shannon picked up the box the other night just being playful and it was our favorite photo of the night. Tonight I figured I didn’t want to disturbed her role and asked for a concept if she had one in mind. Quickly she told me a vision of her laying on the coffee table with her head in the box. There are two words written on the exterior and she wanted to go with, Tested, for this evening. I think her idea was completely awesome and it is one of my favorite images. We most likely have two or three more photos to complete with the box before it is complete. Experimentation is always fun but in some cases like tonight it is fun and fruitful.

See you tomorrow,

JW Purdy