My Nude Year: Day 137 of 365

Tonight we were back shooting at home. I got up this morning and went to work and had a wonderful and very busy day. I never really had time to stop which always makes the day go by very fast. After work I came home and took a quick rest. Once I got up Shannon and I tried to set down and catch up on a show we watch together but something went crazy with the cable and the service was down. We could watch the movie channels but not the “On Demand” content. We ended up by accident putting on a good movie and spent the day together watching and lounging around. Both of us felt really lazy and so after the movie we went and got everyone some tacos for dinner. It turned out to be a nice lazy day after a very busy day on Saturday.

For tonight’s photo I had Shannon put on her comfy pants she has had since we met. Anytime I see someone with hearts on their clothing it reminds me of my blonde. She loves these night bottoms and wears them to death in the winter months. I figure why not shoot with them just to break things up a little. I hope everyone has a great week at work.

JW Purdy