My Nude Year: Day 136 of 365

Today we went to visit the painted churches in Schulenburg Texas. It was really fun and the churches are wonderful to see in person. Most of them were built in the late 1800’s with at least one being built in 1913. I will post a few photos of them once I get a chance to look them over.

On the way home from our little field trip we stopped by the side of the road to explore a rail bridge. We really wanted to shoot Shannon in the waist high cornfields nearby but couldn’t find a good safe place to stop. We took the opportunity of the accessible bridge to shoot a few photos. The sun was very bright and so I had Shannon pose under the bridge in the shadow. Unfortunately I was in full sun and couldn’t see very well. The image came out okay but I would really have preferred a little cloud cover so I could see more clearly. By and by it was a very fun day and we look forward to more field trips with the new photo group I recently joined.

Here is one of the buildings we visited today,

JW Purdy