My Nude Year: Day 135 of 365

Today Shannon and I went to pick up our youngest daughter from college and bring her home for the summer. We are glad to have her back at home and I’m sure she is glad to be getting a much-needed break from school. She did very well in all of her classes and we are very proud of her. To celebrate her doing so well her grandpa bought her a whole new outfit. We stopped by a little western wear shop to look for him a new leather vest and he told our daughter to find something she liked. After picking out a pair of pants and a shirt he told her to find a belt and some boots. The store we were at didn’t have the belt or boots in her size but another location about 30 minutes away did. We jumped in the car and started off. Once we got to the store we quickly found what we were after and headed back toward home. She looks so cute in her new Tuff pants, Tony Lama boots, belt and shirt; pretty good reward for doing well her freshman year of college.

Tonight Shannon and I are starting a new series in this long-term project. I had a very specific idea in mind but we have expanded it to include more shots. We were going to start this project tomorrow but for tonight’s photo I told Shannon to just be goofy and in doing so she picked up the box and put it on her head. The photo came out really interesting and I decided to use it for our photo of the day. We did get some really great fun photos of Shannon tonight that I will be releasing in the photo sets at the end of the month.

Tomorrow we will be going to visit the painted churches in Schulenburg Texas. We won’t be shooting a nude there but I may go ahead and include a photo in the post. The painted churches are really beautiful.

Until then,

JW Purdy