My Nude Year: Day 133 of 365

The magnolia trees are in bloom at the front of our neighborhood. On the way home from work the wonderful smell from the flowering trees filled my car. In breathing in the lovely sent it gave me an idea for tonight’s photo. I stopped on the side of the road and snipped off one of the low hanging flowers. I inspected it for spiders, which I found two, and placed it in my car. Once I got home I put it in the garage just to make sure all of the bugs got off the flower before I brought it in the house. Once Shannon got home and we had dinner I set up the lighting and stool for tonight’s photo. I gave Shannon a brief idea of the image I wanted to capture and we went to work.

This was a very straightforward photo but Shannon brought a wonderful aspect to the framing. Originally I had her leaning way back on the stool with her arms above her head. She placed the hands behind her head and lifted up slightly. This one little move changed the entire feel of the image. I love all of the delicate lines and shadows of the flower in concert with the curves of Shannon’s chest. The curve of Shannon’s lower back is barely visible in the photo but adds to the soft curves of the magnolia blossom.

We hope you are enjoy the spring as much as we are here in the Great Republic,

JW Purdy