My Nude Year: Day 120 of 365

It has been a fun last few days; I have been letting Shannon select the pose for the evening three nights in a row now. She has some wonderful ideas and it is so much fun having her explain the concept she would like to create. We have had several discussions on lighting and she continues to impress me with her knowledge. She had to go to bed before I had a chance to edit this photo and it will be interesting to see if I was able to capture what she had in mind. I think she may have been looking for a little brighter photo but I wont know until the morning when she checks her twitter feed.

The Houston Photographic Society I recently joined is taking a field trip to the painted churches in Schulenburg, Texas on the 16th. I have signed up for us to attend and we are so very excited. The churches are beautiful and I think I we will post a few images as a side note for our daily shoot. If you get a chance do a web search for the painted churches and have a look.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy