My Nude Year: Day 97 of 365

Today has been a very long day for both Shannon and myself. We had to go and visit Shannon’s grandmother in the hospital after work. She is not doing very well and so we are going to visit her as much as we can. Shannon came home and got dinner ready for the kids and then we left for Houston’s medical center near downtown. We were only able to visit for half an hour due to ICU rules. On the way home we stopped to get ourselves dinner and discuss tonight’s photo. Shannon had a concept in mind but sadly it failed to meet our expectations. I gave some serious thought to a recommendation from one of our followers about detailing the concept behind the image of the day. This brief request from him took me back to the meeting I had with my mentor last month. RJ Warren told me to stop taking pretty pictures and start telling stories. With this statement from Mr. Warren as well as the request this morning, I looked at Shannon’s set up and came up with a mental image of what I wanted to capture.

I’m not sure I’m telling a story yet but I will detail the process that was going through my mind as I set up and shot this photo. I envisioned an old feeling photo with cool tones and a normal and subtle pose.  You may look at the pose and think to yourself that there is nothing normal about it. I do understand that feeling based on Shannon’s location, however I would like to point out the fact that she is not trying to position her figure in a false way. As Shannon rested her back on the dresser seat I asked her to place her hand over her mid section to compliment the lines created by her legs. She put her other hand on her knee to keep her pose compact and relaxed. We allowed her chest to fall normally and did not try and prop it up artificially with her arms. This gave the image a very natural organic feel. Shannon turned her face away from the light source to reveal her beautiful profile as well as create some very dramatic shadows. There are some photos within this project that truly capture Shannon as I see her and this is one of them. It is, as RJ says, a pretty picture but still it captures my muse from my vantage point.

I want to tell you a story about a blonde. Funny, happy, the life of the party; yet way deeper and smarter than anyone every gives her credit for. Drifting back further back than anyone cares to give time for anymore. What has shaped you? Made you strong? Was it the soft mad beasts chasing you in a child’s dream? Oh the wonder! What goes on in there? Dreams of grandeur, fortune, fame…I think not. You are the most humble thoughtful person most people have ever met or will meet. Beauty does not lye within just my eye but all that you touch.