My Nude Year: Day 96 of 365

My muse is not feeling well tonight. She had to go to the doctor today with a sour hip. She doesn’t remember hurting it but the pain became too much to bare today. She made it through most of the day at work but then left early after having made an appointment with our new doctor. She said the new medical office was very nice and the staff was wonderful. They think she has inflammation in her hip and gave her a few prescriptions to relieve the pain and swelling. With Shannon’s lack of mobility we set up for an easy pose in the foyer. I placed the key light at a 45-degree angle behind her and had her lean against the wall. We got the shot on the first attempt. I had her move her head position slightly and took another exposure but the first one was the keeper.

I hope you all have a great week,

JW Purdy