My Nude Year: Day 95 of 365

Happy Easter everyone! We had such a relaxing day together. Shannon and I both had the day off and spent it watching some movies and shows. Since I don’t watch much television we get pretty far behind at times on the ones we do watch, like Vikings on the History channel. Don’t get me wrong we did take time to honor the Lord Jesus on this day.  

We wanted to capture a photo that symbolized the day without dishonoring our God. We had originally thought of putting a cross in today’s image but it just didn’t feel right. Shannon suggested we use some plastic eggs instead. This seemed like a much better idea and so we ran with it. The egg does symbolize the Lord in many ways if you think about it. One, it is round or a circle of sorts. Similar to the Lord’s love for us, never-ending. Two, it represents a new life or birth. This is exactly what God did for us. He sacrificed is only son so that we may live. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and will have a blessed week.

JW Purdy