My Nude Year: Day 94 of 365

We had an awesome day! I had to work this morning but got off by 2pm. When I got home I took a bath and had a nap until 5pm. In getting up I told the blonde to get dressed, that we were going out to dinner for date night. She was very excited and we had a wonderful dinner together. After getting home we watched a little television together until I couldn’t sit anymore and started planning for our shoot. To add a different element to our photo tonight I got some rope out of the garage. I wasn’t trying for erotic just something different and I think Shannon pulled it off perfectly. I really love the hairstyle she came up with for the shoot. The way the light hit really brought out the highlights and made the image pop. The lighting shot threw softbox help keep the photo dramatic and gave us some great shadows to play with.

See you again tomorrow,

JW Purdy