My Nude Year: Day 93 of 365

Tonight we went to visit our friend who moved out of state about three years ago. She was for a long time Shannon’s makeup artist (MUA). It was so good to see her again. Her and her family are really doing very well and enjoying the new environment with far less traffic. She told me that a 30-minute drive seemed like forever for her now. Funny since it takes at least 30 minutes to get anywhere here in Houston.  I thought we were going to have another out of town visitor today. Shannon had sent me a message today at work saying my buddy was coming to town but later told me she was only joking. I was so excited due to not seeing him in about a year and a half. Being it was such a cruel joke I should have waited for her to get into pose tonight and took my belt to her butt.

In tonight’s photo Shannon wanted to show off her rodeo pants. We set up in a more erotic pose with her arms wrapped around her legs as she bent over. The rind stone pants she was wearing had been pulled down exposing her beautiful butt. The photo already felt erotic enough so I just asked her to look down. I felt if she had looked into the camera lens it would put the image over the top for some viewers.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy