My Nude Year: Day 118 of 365

Tonight I issued Shannon a challenge. I was attending my first meeting with the Houston Photographic Society and asked her to develop tonight’s pose as well as set up the lighting. When I arrived home I had a quick dinner and asked Shannon what she had come up with. She explained the photo she wanted to capture and even showed me some examples. This was great and I fell in love with her idea. I noticed that she had not set the key light and she explained that my input on the final concept was required. I told her which idea I liked best and then, not letting her off the hook, asked her to set the lighting for the photo. Shannon moved the light into position and I gave her a little help with the light modifier that would be required to get the shot she was looking for. After that I just sat and watched as my beautiful muse extended the light stand over her head and then pointed it down to hit her shoulders. I am so proud of her for being able to see the light so well. The ability for a model to see the light is learned after years of experience and is one of the traits of a great model. She further amazed me when I asked her how far she should stand form the light and she showed me the correct distance for the fall off of light she was trying to replicate.

My meeting with the Houston Photographic Society tonight was very interesting. RJ Warren encouraged me to join as the next step in my development as a photographer. He has been preparing me for a possible showing using this project as my subject. I don’t know if it will happen but I can hope. This evening was designated for the monthly print competition. Every month members are allowed to submit up to two images for review by a noted photographer standing as judge. Tonight’s judge was Craig Harley. Mr. Harley is a Houston based editorial photographer. He is a three-time nominee for photojournalism. He has won many awards and was very kind in sharing his view on the photos submitted for review.

Now that I have sense what is expected of its members I will enter the competition this coming month. I will really enjoy receiving some honest feedback from a professional photographer and learn what is expected in my genera of art.

Tomorrow dawns soon,

JW Purdy