My Nude Year: Day 117 of 365

I would first like to start by saying you will have to forgive us for some of our poses and ideas. What I mean by this is, some of the poses and or props we will use in this project have been done time and time again. The reason I believe these ideas have been done so much is that they are very appealing to our current societal influences. Many of these ideas and poses date back to the Beat era and continue on very strongly today. Some time in the 1950’s after the war was finally over and people settled back down into there normal lives a slight rebellion started. The Beat generation hit the youth of this country and some new ideas about art hit center stage. Artists stared to push back in a new way and this trend continues on even today. I’m not sure when artists shifted from recreating scenes from the world they saw around them to pushing the edge but I know that many of us have not stopped pushing those boundaries.

Personally in my work I have been ridiculed for showing a models full figure. I tend not to crop out the naughty bits below the waistline. Of course you may have noticed I don’t really consider these naughty bits, rather just another part of a models figure. If you, my viewer, happen to see a model in full figure from head to toe please make note that I don’t try to shoot from an angle you would find on the cover of so porn magazine. To me they are just part of a models figure and my intent is to get you focused on the lines and curves of an image.

Okay sorry for all the dialog above but I felt it important for you to know how I view and shoot figure study. In tonight’s photo I had Shannon put on a pair of slacks and suspenders. I placed the key light to camera side and a separation or hair light behind her. Shannon grabbed the camera side suspender with her right hand and put the thumb of her left hand in her pocket. We had another slightly different pose picked out but after reviewing the photos side by side again I decided on this one. The reason for this decision was the way the hair light really hit its mark making Shannon stand out from the background.

We would love to hear suggestions for a photo concept from you. Please leave us a comment below with your suggestion and we will do our best to create your idea.

Thank you,

JW Purdy