My Nude Year: Day 115 of 365

I had an idea this morning that stayed with me all day. Our youngest daughter came home from college yesterday and brought the blondes jacket back with her. I guess she had borrowed it for the winter. I envisioned Shannon wearing it while standing under a street lamp. I wanted to shoot her in a pose similar to one you would see someone standing in while trying to hail a cab. I set up our lighting and then we decided it would be best if we took our oldest daughter, also home for a visit, back home before we started shooting. In driving the 60 minutes home, the fog got really thick and made it very hard to drive. This gave me my second idea. I would bring back our fog machine and introduce a heavy dose of it to the scene. I really think we captured a wonderful image which put the cap on a really great day. At times we grow weary of the project but then you have a day like we did today and you get a new burst of energy.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy