My Nude Year: Day 113 of 365

Shannon wasn’t feeling well this evening. Another storm is on the way and she is getting a headache from it. It is going to rain very hard tomorrow and hopefully it will then move out of the area quickly so she will get better. She stretched out on the couch as I finished the hockey game for a short rest before our shoot. As the boys finished up and the game drew to a close she said, “I wish we could just shoot right here on the couch.” I looked over and started to give her a hard time and noticed that her pose would make for a good candid shot. I asked her not to move around too much and grabbed my camera. Once I got back from my office I adjusted my settings and framed the image. I really loved her feet position as they hide part of her bottom but revealed just enough to make it interesting. The photo came out a little grainy but with the texture of the couch I think it works for this photo.

Have a great Friday everyone,

JW Purdy