My Nude Year: Day 111 of 365

Shannon and I were back at the storage facility tonight to do some more exploring. There are so many props to use in the abandoned unit that we feel like kids in a candy store and the owner has left for the night. After we looked around for a few minutes I grabbed a little dresser for us to work with. Shannon found a vase with a large piece missing from the side and brought it along for some added interest. I set our key light at a 45-degree angle and had Shannon face it while looking away form the light source. I shot this photo from a low angle in order to make the room appear larger than it really is. Now that is has really warmed up here we may be shooting a lot of photos at the storage building.  Not being able to check the photos really well means we shoot more poses and images than when we are at home. We were able to capture four really strong images but this one was our favorite. The additional unpublished photos will be available in the store once the April set is published for sale.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy