My Nude Year: Day 110 of 365

Shannon and I decided it would be best to stay in for tonight’s shoot. It was already getting late and she was very tired from our busy weekend. I have had an idea for a while of Shannon holding onto our bathroom doors as I shot her from behind. I had originally wanted a day light photo but used a very large shoot-through umbrella instead. The lighting was close to what I was looking for but still did not give the image the feel I wanted. I had to use some ambient light in order to keep Shannon from turning into a silhouette. Since I was using a combination of ambient as well as flash lighting I had to gel my flash. Overhead lighting from your typical light bulbs is a very warm orange/yellow light while flash lighting is very blue. In order to get the lighting to match you have to put a little orange piece of plastic over your flash. This is called a gel and in tonight’s photo I used a ½ CTO or ½ color temperature orange gel. For all of the amateur photographers that follow my blog, I highly recommend you pick up a pack of gels form the camera store you use. Trying to fix a color temperature problem in post is nearly impossible unless you are really good at it. I would advise you to get it right in camera instead of wasting time in post.

Maybe tomorrow we will be back at storage,

JW Purdy