My Nude Year: Day 109 of 365

Today was a fantastic day! We were able to get both of our daughters the greatest birthday gifts ever. The youngest has already received her gift and is very excited and we will be giving our oldest hers very soon. I had to work this morning and once I got home the blonde and I ventured out to the store for a little shopping. We got home we started to clean the car up which was pretty dirty. Our hearts sank as we noticed the sky was getting very dark and we could hear the sounds of thunder in the distance. We had planned to go back to the storage facility tonight to work under the exterior lighting. Within a few minutes it was pouring so we continued our work on the car.

We spent a few hours working on the interior of the car and as we were getting close to being finished the skies cleared and the moon came out. We jumped in the car and set out for a shoot under the lights and against the harsh metal buildings. We took two different poses and both were very strong but Shannon and I liked this pose best.

Wishing you all a great week,

JW Purdy