My Nude Year: Day 92 of 365

A comment from one of our good followers of the project we decided to shoot a lighter photo for the project tonight. Shannon is a goofball and is always the life of the party. As Dave Ramsey would say she is my free spirit. I told her the suggestion from the comment we received on the project blog and she promptly disappeared into the bathroom. I set up the lighting we would be using and then started going over my emails for the evening. She bounded into my office with her hair done up like princes Leia. I told her wear to stand for our lighting set and she grabbed her little buns on each side of her head and stuck her tongue out in classic Shannon style. I think it made for a really fun photo.

Tomorrows photo will be really late as we have a meet up to go to with our past MUA (makeup artist). She is back in town for a visit and we have a crawfish boil to go to in her honor.

JW Purdy