My Nude Year: Day 106 of 365

Wow, what a crazy night it has been around here. We have received more rain in the last few hours than I have seen at one time since 2000. The power has gone off several times and we are currently in the dark. Well, I shouldn’t say we are in the dark since I pulled the hurricane lamps from the garage and they provide a lot of light. Shannon wanted to try an idea she thought of due to our situation of not having overhead lighting. She placed her phone on the floor between her legs with the light aimed up at her face. I dialed in my camera settings and captured a very dark and moody photo. Prior to getting tonight’s photo for the day, Shannon pointed out her shadow that was cast on the ceiling. She turned to me and said, “Too bad you can’t get a photo of that.” I turned my camera straight up and got a really cool image of Shannon’s breasts on the ceiling. I have to admit I was a little scared that I would not be able to make this post since my battery back up was running low but the power has finally been restored and we are up and running again.