My Nude Year: Day 105 of 365

Some nights I ask Shannon what she would like to shoot, especially after a long and hot day at work. Today I was boiling and didn’t get but maybe an hour of sleep last night. Shannon said she would like to shoot in the cool evening breeze outside. I asked her if she really wanted to use flash outside and draw even more attention from our neighbors than we already have. She said no, that she was thinking of shooting something low key using the available light from the lamp next to my chair in the living room. I agreed to give it a try and grabbed my camera. My camera is getting very old in digital technology terms and doesn’t perform even close to the new Canon cameras on the market today. I pushed the light sensitivity to the maximum level and made sure my lens was as open as it could be to allow in the most light possible. I was a little disappointed in the flatness of the lighting and thought it would have been a little more dramatic however I was proud of the performance my Canon 1D Mark II. My camera was released in 2005 and I bought it slightly used in 2009 after someone upgraded to a Mark III. The camera had a little over 80,000-shutter actuations when I purchased it. This is a very low number based on the fact it was probably purchased sometime in 2006. The typical life for a camera like the one I have is somewhere around 450,000-shutter actuations. I am starting to get a little nervous, as I’m sure I’m some number around 400,000-plus. I will be taking it very easy on my camera this year and only using it for my daily photo until my busy season of corporate events comes around. Keep your fingers crossed that it will all come out all right and my trusty steed will keep on plugging away.