My Nude Year: Day 104 of 365

What a great day we had here in the south Republic. I got to work about 15 minutes early this morning which allowed me time to read a little of the paper before I actually opened for business. Some quite time in the morning is always a good way to start the day. As soon as I opened I was flooded with customers. I stayed busy all the way until just after lunchtime. The boss man showed up and helped out with a customer and then we went to lunch together and had a wonderful meal. Once we got back to the office we sat and talked the day away. Have you ever noticed how being really busy to start the day makes for a great one.

For tonight’s photo I introduced two props. I grabbed an old wire spool we have tucked away in the garage while Shannon dug up a large piece of fabric. I set our key light with a shoot threw umbrella to her left side and asked her to stretch the fabric out toward the light source. Shannon crossed her legs and I knew we had hit gold. I took on photo and we were done.

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Thank you,

JW Purdy