My Nude Year: Day 102 of 365

Wow, I’m out of it today. I took a pain pill after I got home from work and haven’t been right since. I guess the only repair now is to get some sleep. The project is slowing down a little for the time being. I really think we need to get a little time to go our and explore our surroundings. We are both getting a little anxious to go out and shoot. We may use a building at work that has a few random props in it. I have wanted to use it for a few weeks now but we have just been too busy running around all weekend. Hopefully sometime this week we can slip away for a shoot in a new environment.

Tonight’s photo was a simple one light set up in the foyer with Shannon in an unconventional pose. The contrast was pushed to the max giving the photo a three dimensional feel.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy