My Nude Year: Day 101 of 365

It has been a crazy day around the Purdy house. The toilet in the hall bath broke and was in need of being replaced. This normally wouldn’t sound to out of the ordinary but our house just turned three years old this month. Not only is the house only three, it is the second toilet to break. Our master bathroom one broke about two years ago. This time we decided it was not going to happen again and bought an American Standard to replace the broken one. The only problem I had with the install was that the wonderful guy that laid our tile ended up putting the grout line right on the edge of the toilet base which made chalking it difficult. The gentleman that laid the tile was awesome and a very good craftsman, stuff happens so no big deal. 

For tonight’s shoot we dug through the closet looking for something to dress up the image. We grabbed the breastplate and chocker I made in college and Shannon went native. The breastplate Shannon is wearing is made of real bone and according to her weighs a lot. She jokingly said why don’t I pull out my wampum beads and then to her surprise I showed her that the chocker is decorated with the beautiful wampum’s. 

We really hope you are enjoying our daily photos and ask that you please leave a comment on the images that really grab your eye. 

JW Purdy