Update on project flow

Good morning everyone. I wanted to issue a quick update/explanation regarding the project. I don’t think I have stated it yet but my day does not run like a typical person’s day. I usually get around four hours of sleep a night and so I’m pretty mixed up most of the time. As a result you may have noticed that on some calendar days there is no post while on other days there are two posts. This is all on different days to me. My day begins around 8am and ends whenever I get into bed, normally between 3-4am. For most of the photos in the project the post will come on the calendar day following the actually shoot due to posting after midnight. I would ask you to please consider that this photo was taken on the day it should have been but was merely posted to my site after midnight. I hope this clears up any confusion. I want to thank Tabb for pointing this out to me as well as thank him for his support of my project.