My Nude Year: Day 99 of 365

Many of you may have noticed that I am very influenced by Henri Pierre Picou’s work. He was a masterful painter. I have in the past created composite photos using his paintings as my backdrop. Even when I am not compositing a photo I have taken with one of his paintings, my composition will echo his pose ideas. He has a wonderful eye for composition in figure study and a surreal look on the world. As I have said before I don’t use Photoshop very much so I’m sure you will find some faults with my image tonight but it is so much fun I can’t help myself from time to time.

In tonight’s photo Shannon posed as near as possible to the figure depicted in Henri Pierre Picou “Andromeda Chained to a Rock” 1874. We took four shots and really tried our best to match the pose as near perfectly as we could. We were able to get really close but not exactly the same. Shannon did a wonderful job seeing as she was kneeling on her injured knee. I tried to make the shoot go as quickly as possible to save her the pain of being on the tile floor. I spent about an hour in Photoshop putting the image together and enjoyed playing with different features of the program. It can be tedious but fun all at the same time.

I hope you enjoy this little departure from our normal posed image. From time to time we will work on some composite photos just to keep the project interesting.

JW Purdy