My Nude Year: Day 67 of 365

Great news everyone! I heard from my editor today and my first 365-project eBook will be completely edited and ready to put together in three to four more weeks. I was hoping for a March release date but got a little behind with the launch of and didn’t get the details to him in time. It is progressing and I am very happy about that. I originally started the project in late 2013 and finished it late last year.  When I first started I had no plans of creating a book but having completed it I thought it would be fun to share it with everyone.  It does not contain any nude photos, which may come as a surprise. I simply took one photo a day for the entire year of the things I found interesting in my travels around the Houston area. One of the photos won at last year’s county fair, which was really nice.

I guess I’m in a more organic pose phase. Tonight’s photo used the ambient room light with a small soft light source to camera left as a fill light. A couple of elements I was focusing on in this photo were the contrast of line and shape. Shannon’s torso is more of a cylindrical shape while her arm’s and leg’s form many triangles. Normally in a pose such as this the models breasts appear to be in the form of triangles as well but due to the camera angle they don’t feature this quality.  This was intentional to add a break in the flow of the line and give your eye a focal point. By covering Shannon’s face with her hair you are fully able to explore the image without your eye naturally being drawn to the face. This insures the viewer will focus on the line of the figure.

We have rodeo everyday this week so it will be fun planning out the shoots as we drive home every night. It should give us a little more time to put together a concept and iron out the details in our heads. I hope will prove to be a great week.

Until next time,

JW Purdy