My Nude Year: Day 64 of 365

Shannon and I are both very tired tonight. I guess with the weather changing every day it seems to be running us down a little. It is also rodeo season and we have busy schedules and don’t get much sleep on the weekends for the month of March. I really dread time change this weekend. It will be nice to have an extra hour before the sun goes down but getting adjusted to the new time is always a bear.

For tonight’s photo we wanted to play with a minimalistic view. I cropped Shannon at the chin as well as just below the knees. We place a red flower in her hands to draw your eye into the photo. Once your eye takes in the flower the lines of Shannon’s arms and breasts lead you into her figure.

The kickstarter campaign has really slowed down this week and we are starting to get nervous about the final out come. I hope it is just a cooling off period and we will be back on track soon. I hope you all have a great Friday and we will see you tomorrow.

JW Purdy