My Nude Year: Day 63 of 365

Tonight Shannon and I were working on some color matching. I wanted to capture a photo of Shannon from the shoulders up wearing a scarf around her head. We chose a light brown scarf to match with the typewriter case in the background as well as the browns in her hair. There are several different shades of blue in this photo. Originally I was focusing on the browns in the photo but as I scouted around the house I found a wide array of blues in our guest bedroom and decided to place our emphasis on this primary color. This was a two light setup with a primary soft light on a 45-degree angle to Shannon’s right side pointed at her face. The secondary rim light was on the same side at a 45-degree angle but from behind her. This actually turned out to be more of an implied nude photo and I think it really works.

If you follow my other blog, “The Art of Nude”, I have to apologize for the lack of activity lately. I have been busy with the project as well as the kickstarter campaign and have been neglecting my composition lessons. Things are moving in a positive direction behind the scenes but I’m not ready to move forward just yet. Don’t worry; I will be back in business shortly with some more content. I hope you will all forgive the delay on posting and give me a little leeway.

Thank you and we will see you again tomorrow,

JW Purdy