My Nude Year: Day 62 of 365

It’s the first official night of the rodeo here in the south Republic. Shannon had to work but only until about nine. She asked me to have all of my lighting setup by the time she arrived home. Last night after the shoot she told me she wanted to try a composite photo for today’s image. If you are unsure, a composite photo is one in which you merge two separate photos together to create one image. I set my camera up on a step stool so the distance would not change. The distance from the camera to the subject is very important when creating a composite photo. We started off by taking a few photos of Shannon’s backside until we found the correct focal length. Once we had a rear photo we liked we moved on to shooting her front image. I only work in Photoshop for composite photos or to remove a distracting element in a photo. Tonight was only the second time I have worked in Photoshop since we started the project. I have the tendency to go over board with little details that the viewer of a print will never be able to see. This is probably the reason I tend to use another program called Lightroom for all of my editing. Lightroom is a program that is as close to a digital dark room as I have found. It is mainly for correcting small inconsistencies in lighting, color, tone and contrast. I do find it rewarding to really dig in a play with Photoshop from time to time.

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JW Purdy