My Nude Year: Day 85 of 365

All the running around we have been doing for the past four or five weeks is really catching up to both Shannon and me. We feel like walking zombies. We have a wedding to go to this weekend that Shannon is in and then I think we just need a few weeks of R & R. Tomorrow Shannon is going to get her hair and nails done for the wedding so she may have a slightly different look for the photo of the day.

Tonight I wanted to capture an image of Shannon with some water added for interest. We filled a bowl with water and place our light off at a 45% angle behind Shannon as she bent over the bowl. I asked her to dip her hands in the water and then draw them up letting the water run through her fingers. This was the best photo we recorded however the water falling from her hands was not visible. This was the second exposure of the set and the water had already run out of her hands. Timing is everything and I missed this one by a few seconds.

See you tomorrow,

JW Purdy