My Nude Year: Day 82 of 365

Tonight’s decision for the photo to put in the book was very difficult. We took three very different poses using the same light set up and I feel in love with all three for different reasons. As you may have noticed Shannon has a very classic figure. In one of the poses I had her butt turned toward the camera and it look as if she were straight out of a painting. The second photo was one of our first true erotic poses of the book. Now let me define erotic. Once long ago when I first started shooting figure study photos my mentor explained that an erotic image is one in which the model is looking at the viewer. I very seldom shoot erotic photos and have the model look slightly off camera or place the emphasis of the image on an element other than the eyes. In this color photo I had Shannon look directly into the frame and the results were incredible. After a long internal debate I decided to go with the third photo. This is what I had planned for tonight’s shoot. You will notice that this image is by my earlier definition an erotic photo. Shannon is looking directly at the viewer however with the lower half of her face covered by her arms the eroticism is strengthened and the sense of mystery is introduced. Initially this photo was not going to make the cut but once I started playing around with it in postproduction I found that making it a black and white really worked. The fall off of light from bright to dark was very pleasing and the contrast of Shannon’s hair really sold me on the image.

JW Purdy