My Nude Year: Day 81 of 365

I hate to say it but I’m so glad today was the last day of the rodeo. Tomorrow Shannon has to go and help teardown her little part and then its officially over until next year. I enjoy the rodeo and love that Shannon has such a good time helping out but I get sick of eating out, not seeing her as much as I would like and seeing how tired she is all the month long.

Since Shannon was working tonight I had our concept all ready when she got home. We setup for the shoot and took a couple of photos. After reviewing them I did not get the result I was looking for and so we started again. The second set came out the way I had planned and then my beautiful blonde made a suggestion. As with many of her suggestions I was intrigued. She placed the scarf she had been wearing over her head with her arms out to her sides and I was in awe. I frame the image and pushed the shutter. I love having such a talented and creative muse.

See you tomorrow,

JW Purdy